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Sep 14, 2017

What an unexpected night!

Taking inspiration from the "art of the unexpected", the first ever Australian Event Awards to be held in a theatre was filled with unexpected moments which delighted the audience throughout the night.

The night began with a fake MC - the obliging trophy model from WINK Models - appearing on a rather modest stage and missing pages of her script before a spectacular reveal with the help of pyrotechnics from Foti International Fireworks unveiled a much more impressive and significantly larger stage at the other end of the room which the opening act, string trio Maske quickly took to, accompanied by more pyrotechnics.

The real MC, award-winning actor, producer and director of theatre, film and television, television host and radio announcer Cameron Daddo from Saxton Speakers Bureau led the night without a hitch (or losing any pages of his script).

At dinner The Undercover Tenors from Mark Bradley International popped out of seemingly nowhere and got the crowd swinging their napkins and having a great old time.

Another highlight of the night was Thomas Staunton from Major Partner Sold Out National Event Management providing a hilarious and charming delayed reaction after announcing that the winner of their category, Best Charity or Cause-Related Event was Lala Land, continuing as seriously as ever, before bursting into laughter and high-fiving Cameron Daddo as one of the night's final unexpected moments hit home.

The 2017 Lifetime Achievement Recipient, the ever entertaining (and extremely accomplished) Ignatius Jones, currently creative director of Vivid Sydney with a mountain of former roles you can read about here, held the room spellbound as he urged the industry to keep pursuing new heights.

Finally, the Antipodean Rock'N'Roll Collective (ARC) turned out to be a who's who of Australian rock music comprising members of four different iconic Aussie rock bands which played the night out to a crowd-pleasing thunderous end.

And just like that another Australian Event Awards was all done and dusted. No doubt many of those attending the Australian Event Symposium appreciated the Bloody Mary Breakfast which kicked the event off on Thursday morning. More of the hair of the dog anyone?

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