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Jun 25, 2017

Q and A: Kristen Goldup from Local Tickets

The founder and CEO of Local Tickets, the Category Partner for Best Regional Event at the Event Awards, discusses how the ticketing platform got started, what events say about our culture and her love of regional events.

What do you do at Local Tickets?

I'm the brainchild behind Local Tickets. I'm known for my constant ideas and lightbulb moments while brushing my teeth. As the director and CEO I manage my team, strategic direction, marketing, software development and business development.

Give us a little peek at your career background before your current role at Local Tickets.

I launched the first integrated marketing company in North Queensland, and specialised in the tourism, events and airline industries. Whilst working with the events and tourism mid-sized sector, I identified the need for online ticketing, which was the catalyst for Local Tickets.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

Chatting with amazing regional events and their upcoming plans. I love hearing about their ticketing challenges and how I can better manage their system and give them less things to tick off!

How would your friends and colleagues describe you?

Passionate, positive and puppy dog obsessed.

How did Local Tickets get started?

I was managing the PR for a Whitsunday Reef Festival event, which was aimed at attracting people within the four hour drive radius to come and holiday in the Whitsundays and attend the festival events. I realised that there was no online ticketing service that catered for the small to medium sized general events market. Drawing from my tourism background, I decided to develop a simple online ticketing platform and provide each region with their own brand and local ticketing website URL, such as and

What sets Local Tickets apart from its competitors?

Unlike many of our competitors, Local Tickets is Australian owned and operated, meaning that all the ticketing dollars are being reinvested back into our national economy. Our culture is to simply 'empower event organisers' with simple, cheap and transparent ticketing services.

What kinds of events typically use Local Tickets?

The types of events that use Local Tickets include tourism showcase events, food and wine events, fundraising, corporate, sporting and spectator events.

What’s your favourite Australian event and why?

OOHH that's like asking me to choose my favourite child...I do love events that showcase the best of their region. I think the King Island Long Table is an amazing little gem.

What is something few people would know about Local Tickets?

Our services are constantly expanding from online, to printed tickets, to our ticketing pad door services, now to venue ticketing solutions.

What do you think Australian events say about our culture? What makes them unique?

Australian events show just how diverse we are as a country, and through events we can show our support for diversity, from ethnic festivals, to sporting events, fundraising for causes, to community open days. Events allow society to celebrate all the good things in life and in our community.

What do you think lies ahead for Australian events?

More defined events and their target markets, as events are like any industry, competing for the consumer's dollar.

Who gave you your start in the events industry?

One of my first jobs was working for the City of Brisbane to bid on international conventions to be hosted in the city. I worked my way up from the one who physically collated the bid documents and packed the fake koala gift, to being the youngest sales executive to do the bidding. I got to travel internationally and bid on the World Poultry Congress 2008 - luckily we won!

You’re supporting Best Regional Event at the Event Awards – what is particularly special about regional events?

We love how regional events really showcase the best of the community. These events are important for the local economy, attracting visitors and making life exciting for locals. There are some great regional events that put towns on the map!