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Jun 15, 2017

Haven't started your entry yet? Relax it's easy

With four weeks to go to complete an award winning Event Awards entry, all is not lost if you haven't started yet.

Jump onto the Entry Portal for a look around (it's free). You'll be able to download all the questions of any categories you're interested in to see what's required without being obligated to go through with an entry.

You'll see that the maximum word count for entries sits around 2,600 words (and if you can answer the questions in fewer words, please do!) and you don't need to do any fancy formatting or layout work - all the Event Awards Judges are interested in is your actual answers and how it demonstrates outstanding work in events.

You'll also probably realise that most of what's asked in entry forms is easy for you to answer - it's basically everything you've spent many weeks or months before the event considering, preparing and putting into place and debriefing and evaluating post event.

So go on, take a look. Entering is easy. Winning is the hard part.