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Jun 2, 2017

Aggreko supports Australia's best new events

We're pleased to announce that Aggreko is getting behind Australia’s best debuting events, putting their name on the Australian Event Award for Best New Event.

Aggreko has been a world leader in temporary power generation, heating and cooling systems in the film and entertainment industry for over 25 years.

Headquartered in the UK for more than 50 years, Aggreko has grown in experience and expertise in power generation and temperature control to become the world leader and go-to provider for critical services.

“From major motion pictures to television shows, sporting events and festivals, our clients partner with Aggreko for their temporary power and temperature control requirements because they know that we are the industry leaders,” said Stuart McLaughlin, Sector Manager of Events for Aggreko’s Australia and Pacific region.

Entries for the Awards, including Aggreko Best New Event, are open now until 17 July. Click here to start your entry now. And don't forget - if you start and pay for your entry by next Tuesday 13 June, you'll receive the Early Starters Discount and still have until 17 July to complete your submission.

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