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May 8, 2017

Want to know exactly what's involved in submitting an entry?

The Entry Portal is the place to be if you want to know exactly what's involved in submitting an entry to be in the running for an Australian Event Award (or a few).

Creating an account on the Entry Portal is a free and no-strings attached way of understanding how easy the entry process for the Event Awards really is (winning is the hard part). Having an account does not oblige you to submit an entry.

Once on the Entry Portal, you'll be able to download all the questions on the entry form for any (and every) category in the Awards so you can discuss with your team which category you'd like to enter and start gathering the information you'll need to include in your entry.

You'll also get reminders from us when the entry deadline is looming (don't worry it's a considerable way off at this point) so that you don't miss the cut off.

So why wait any longer? Click here to create an account today.

If you had an account in 2016, your user details will be valid for the Entry Portal in 2017.