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Apr 26, 2017

Quick starters guide to entering

Entering the Event Awards is easier than you might imagine and getting started early is always a good idea - and you'll have plenty of time to work on your entry before entries close on 17 July. Here's our Quick Starters Guide:

  1. Select your category

    Have a look at the categories and select one or more that you'd like to enter. You can enter the same event in multiple categories. If you're not sure which category is right for you, have a look at Choosing a Category.
  2. Get on the Entry Portal

    Go to the Entry Portal and log in. If you had an account on the Entry Portal in 2016, your username and password will work again this year. If this is the first time you're using the Portal, follow the instructions to create a user account. Creating an account is free.
  3. Get going on your entry

    Once you're in the Portal, you can either start an entry straight away by clicking "New Entry" on the left-hand side or you can download all the entry form questions along with the eligibility requirements and judging criteria for one or all categories by clicking on "Downloads". This is a particularly handy option if the boss wants to have a look at exactly what's involved in submitting an entry or if you're still undecided about which category to enter. Our advice is if you can easily answer all the questions in a category and you meet the eligibility requirements, it's probably a good fit for you.
  4. Get the Early Starters Discount

    Once you've started your entry - don't forget to save it often - if you want the Early Starters Discount (and why not? You'll save $60 per entry), all you have to do is pay for your entry before 13 June and you'll still have the whole entry period to work on your submission.