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Apr 13, 2017

Local Tickets put their name on Best Regional Event

Ticketing platform Local Tickets is joining the Event Awards fold in support of Australia's best regional events.

Local Tickets is an Australian owned ticketing company with a national network of regionally branded event ticketing websites.

They have exclusively developed both a front-end marketing website and a back-end ticketing service for every region and city in Australia.

Local Tickets offer both online and offline ticketing solutions including printed, door and venue tickets.

Their clients include event organisers, venues, organisations, media and volunteers.

Explaining their commitment to regional events, founding Director of Local Tickets, Kristen Goldup says:

“We believe regional events really punch above their weight. They attract visitors, provide economic benefits, make life exciting and fill locals with pride.

“With both directors hailing from regional Queensland, we are very proud to be partnering with the Australian Events Awards to shine a big spotlight on the wonderful contribution regional events make to the Australian culture,” she adds.

Entries will open for all categories, including Local Tickets Best Regional Event, on 3 May.

Learn more about Local Tickets here:

Local Tickets founders, Kristen Goldup and Jan Martin