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Apr 13, 2017

What's new for Event Awards 2017

There's a big change for our Young Achievers this year, we've welcomed a few new Partners already and there are small tweaks across the rest of the categories. This is what's in store for this year:

Young Achievers get younger

Due to the outstanding calibre of entrants in the last couple of years, in 2017, the eligible age for Young Achievers has dropped from those under 30 to those under 25 at the close of entries.

More industry organisations join the Event Awards

eps Australia have joined us as a Major Partner, putting their name to Event Management Company of the Year, and providing CAD planning for the Event Awards, Local Tickets are getting behind Best Regional Event as a Category Partner and Event Effects have joined us as a Project Delivery Partner to provide table centre pieces at the Awards Ceremony.

Of course, it's not too late to jump on board for this year. Give us a ring on 02 8096 8777 or drop us an email if you're keen to help us celebrate the best in the industry.

Evidence gets more space

All categories will have an extra question this year specifically about evidence. Considering the essential role of evidence in supporting claims made in your entry, we thought you might appreciate a little more space to provide it.

Customer testimonials

There's another new evidence related improvement in 2017 - judges are keen to see more customer testimonials, so we're adding a place in entries for you to upload them.

Ranked judging criteria

It's a small tweak but a helpful one, we think - we've reordered the judging criteria so that you can see straight away which criteria are worth the most when judging your entry, and give those aspects of your entry the requisite amount of attention.

Entries for 2017 open on Wednesday 3 May.