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Mar 30, 2017

The value of video (and how to get one with next to no budget)

Before we delve into this topic, we assure you that a video is not a requirement to win an Australian Event Award. Plenty of events and achievements have earned an Event Awards trophy with no video evidence and uploading a video will remain optional in 2017.

Having said this, all entrants should consider including a video in their submission if possible.

A video gives the judges that immediate "it's like I was there" sense and lends a visual to the written majority of your entry.

It's also great publicity material both for your entry into the Awards, should it become a Finalist, and for your event or your achievement when advertising to future audiences or demonstrating your capabilities for future projects. In the age of YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, video content is a must if you want to reach people through social media.

No budget for a video? Here are some suggestions:

  • Partner with a video producing enterprise to get the job done. This is a value-in-kind sponsorship which can be exchanged for advertising and publicity through your event and all your communication channels.

  • Ask an existing sponsor to fund the production of video. Stick their logo on it and shout it from the proverbial rooftops that the sponsor made the video possible. Given the long shelf life and multiple uses of a video, many sponsors should be happy to help you.

  • Talk to a university, TAFE, college or other tertiary institution which provides film making courses. Many film students would jump at the chance to make a film for a local event or achievement - it'll give their work a wide audience and boost their CV while giving you a great visual souvenir of your work and a tool for future promotion.

  • If none of these options are available - why not film something on whatever equipment you have available to you? Most phones now have built in cameras and Event Awards judges are less concerned with the quality of the production than with the content presented in the film. In other words, something is better than nothing.

So we advise, if you can, to march off into the well-lit sunset and see if you can include a video in your submission this year.