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Sep 13, 2016

Will you be there to see the stunning backdrop at the Australian Event Awards?

For the first time since we relocated to the Sunshine Coast, we're not talking about the Awards' sunny destination here (although we're sure that'll be pretty breath-taking too) - instead, we're thrilled to announce that Backdrops Fantastic Australia have joined the expanding group of Event Awards Delivery Partners.

Which means, of course, you can expect an impressive backdrop when you walk into the Event Awards Ceremony in a week's time.

Backdrops Fantastic provide all kinds of themed backdrops: they can have your guests dining at Ayers Rock or beneath the Eiffel Tower, looking out over the footy pitch or on the beach. Their backdrops can take your guests back in time to the 80s, create an instant Great Gatsby vibe, take them to the Circus, Egypt or the African Savannah.

They've also got Modular Wall backdrops which can be easily built to any size and, combined with the right lighting and projection, can take your attendees literally anywhere on Earth (or even out of this world).

With their customers using words like "sensational", "speechless" or "blown away" when talking about the effect of a Backdrops Fantastic backdrop on their event, we're looking forward to seeing their backdrop effect at the Event Awards - are you?

There are limited tickets still available to attend the Awards on 21 September on the Sunshine Coast. Click here to book.