The Australian Event Awards is the national awards program for the Australian events industry. It is the only opportunity for Australian event professionals to compete directly right across the nation and across all facets of the industry to establish which are Australia's best events and event-related goods, services and innovations.

The program is guided by ongoing industry consultation and continues to answer the need for cohesiveness across the entire Australian industry, developing and reinforcing industry identity and assisting Australian operators in cross-development of opportunities between events and event disciplines.

The program is all-inclusive, being open to all Australian events, event managers and support service providers regardless of:

  • event type or audience
  • event size or attendance
  • event location or association membership

It is the only opportunity for Australian events and event organisers to be

acknowledged on a level playing field, across the entire national events industry.

We welcome entries from all members of the Australian events community.



The Trophy

The Australian Event Awards Trophy was uniquely designed and manufactured for the Australian Event Awards at inception. It signifies the prestige that comes with being a winner of the peak industry awards program.

The crystalline gem at the centre of the trophy highlights the great many facets of the events industry in Australia. The unique, silver angular style of the piece as a whole further highlights the facets of the gem and exemplifies the stature of the awards program. The trophy is manufactured from a single piece of metal, stands some 350mm tall and weighs 2kg.

Australian Event Award trophies are not for sale and remain the copyright of Australian Event Awards Pty Limited. There is only one way to own an Australian Event Awards trophy and the first step is to start your entry today.